Located North of Ocean Shores in Moclips,
Washington - a 2 1/2 Hour Drive from Seattle.
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Summer and
Cleaning Fee
Lodging Tax
10% discount for 6 or more nights.
2 night minimum stay, 3 nights holidays.
Sorry no pets.  No smoking.
See Location:
2 1/2 hours
from Seattle
to Moclips
Two Acre Cliffside Site with Marvellous Ocean View.
Deluxe 2 and 3 Bedroom Units with Beautiful Kitchens,
Marble and Tile Finish, Master Suites with King Bed.
Ruby Beach
Copalis Rock
Massive logs on Kalaloch Beach 2
A snow shower on the beach
Off-Season at the Beach - Winter Travel at the Ocean
An off-season visit to Moclips has many attractions: lower cost, everything is
uncrowded, beach driving restrictions are removed, you have your pick of dates,
and you can wait until the last minute for a weekend with good weather.

Ideas for Your Off-Season Visit
> Dine at the historic Lake Quinault Lodge, enjoy the view of the lake, and walk the
half mile rainforest loop trail between showers.
> Swim at the Hoquiam YMCA's indoor waterpark, racquetball and weightlifting
available too, $15 day pass per family.  You pass right by this facility on the way to
and back from the ocean.
> Visit the Quinault Beach Resort casino followed by dining and shopping in Ocean
> Tour Duck Lake and the Ocean Shores canals on a fully-enclosed, heated, electric
> Drive down the beach to Copalis Rock or Point Grenville and enjoy the scenery.
> Tour the Grays Harbor Lighthouse (tallest in the state) and Westport Maritime
Museum with the surpassingly beautiful Destruction Island lighthouse lens.
> Stormwatching!
> Enjoy the house!  Some people never leave it.  Skip down to the beach during a

Winter at the Beach
Here were some marvellous visits we made during the 2007-2008 winter:

December 1, 2007
There was an unusual snowfall at the beach with a dusting of snow down on the
sand.  Up on the bluff, people made snowmen.  The snow lasted just that afternoon -
long enough to enjoy, but not long enough to delay anybody's travel home.

January 5, 2008
A storm the previous night and a high tide combined to completely swallow the
beach.  The seagulls moved into the Pacific Beach State Park RV campground and
the sandpipers dodged the foam on the last small strip of sand.  The waves kicked
up fantastically and Joe Creek disappeared under the ocean.

January 13, 2008
On a day trip north of Moclips, we had dry weather all day with a high overcast at
Kalaloch and Ruby Beach (1 1/2 hour drive one way) and sunny inland by Lake
Quinault.  The Kalaloch Lodge's restaurant was near empty, leaving open the table
by the best picture window to enjoy the lodge's fantastic view of the river gorge,
log-strewn beach, and ocean.

March 1, 2008
It was sunny and almost warm - upper 50s.  I walked barefoot across a stream, down
the beach to Copalis Rock, further across the Copalis State Airport (on the beach), to
the bank of the Copalis River, and back by sunset.  As long as I kept moving, my feet
stayed warm.

March 15, 2008
Another sunny day on the beach on a day trip to Kalaloch Beach 2 and the Hoh Rain
Forest (2 1/4 hours one way from Moclips).  We saw a bald eagle on the beach and
200+ foot long logs.  Hardly anybody was to be found on the beach or in the rain
forest.  The forest had a very light rain, which was appropriate to the scene.
Footprints in the snow on the beach
Ruby Beach in January
View from the Kalaloch Lodge
Interesting rocks at Point Grenville
A sunny day in November at Point Grenville
High tide following a storm swallows the beach
Kalaloch Lodge restaurant
Sunset Beach at sunrise
Sunrise at the beach
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