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Interesting facts about Mount Rainier: 14,411 feet high. It is visible from Victoria, BC to Portland, OR. It is
covered in vast, permanent snowfields and glaciers (26 of them) covering 35 square miles. 5,000 years ago
it stood over 16,000 feet, when a massive melting event sent mud flows cascading down to Tacoma and
South Seattle. Where the forest peters out, the mountain is encircled by a ring of summer wildflowers that
runs for 50 miles in length and 2 miles wide. Mount Rainier National Park was established in 1899 by
President McKinley.

To see everything in the park would require a multiple day visit and a stay nearby.  Here's our favorite one
day excursion from the Seattle area:

1. Approach the mountain via highway 410 past Enumclaw.
2. Our first stop was a spot along the road where we could get out and play on the banks of the White River.
3. Crystal Mountain is a ski resort with its chairlift running on weekends during the summer. At the top you
get a spectacular, unobstructed view of Mount Rainier and the surrounding Cascade mountains.
4. Sunrise is one of the major visitor centers with a terrific view of the mountain, numerous hikes, and vast
fields of summer wildflowers.
5. Not far beyond Sunrise is Chinook Pass and charming Tipsoo Lake. This area gives you a different view
of Mount Rainier with some jagged black ridges obscuring the lower half of the mountain.

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Official National Park Service Website

by Bob Kelly
Nye Beach

Western Washington's
Dominant Mountain.

Worth a Journey
Mount Rainier from Sunrise