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View of downtown Seattle skyscrapers
View of the Port of Seattle
View of St. Mark's Cathedral, Lake Washington, and the Cascade Mountains
View of Elliott Bay
Fireworks at the Space Needle on New Year's Eve 2008
Sunday, October 26, 2008
We played tourists in Seattle this day, visiting
Seattle's icon, the Space Needle.  My grandparents
and mother had visited the 1962 Seattle World's
Fair, when the Space Needle first opened, and this
was the catalyst for our entire clan moving from
Kansas to Seattle via Boeing.

My five year old, James, had never been to the
Needle and our 14-year-old twins were probably
about James' age the last time they went.  How
many Seattleites never think of visiting the Space
Needle until an out-of-town guest shows up?

The base of the tower with its departure area and
extensive gift shop were all new since I had last
been there.  It was a bright, sunny day and the view
was magnificent of the city, Puget Sound, Lake
Union, the entire Olympic range, the Cascades, and
Mount Rainier (a bit hazy in the distance).  One
neat thing they added was a live, remote-
controlled camera you can pan around.  James
enjoyed playing with that.

After the needle we stopped for a treat at the
Center House and then let the kids play in the big
water fountain.  Just like true tourists!

We've also made it a family tradition to watch the
New Year's Eve fireworks at the Space Needle.  If
you leave at 10:30pm from Bellevue, you can just
make it in time to find free parking about a mile
away, and then walk to a good position under the
Needle.  The event always draws a big crowd.

Space Needle

Seattle Center

by Bob Kelly
Space Needle as seen from the International Fountain during Bumbershoot 2007
Nye Beach