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This is one of our favorite spots in the Vancouver
area.  It's also near our favorite Chinese restaurant
and deli, so we invariably end up driving up the
mountain on every visit to Vancouver.

The chief attraction is the view.  To the west is a
fine view of the entire Vancouver metropolis and
surrounding waterways.  To the north is a channel
that looks like a Norwegian fjord backed up by
snow-capped mountains.  Perhaps it is technically
a fjord.

There are a few further attractions on the
mountain.  Several odd-looking poles and carvings
stationed around a grassy field come from Japan.  
They are totem poles of the Ainu people - the
indigenous tribes of Japan who were driven to the
north and up into the mountains.  In August, the
extensive rose garden is in bloom.  Picnic tables
are stationed nearby.  A painted, Northwest Indian
totem pole looks over the garden.  Up the hill is
found a small playground.

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City of Burnaby Parks Department
Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

by Bob Kelly
Nye Beach
View of downtown Vancouver
Ainu totem poles from Japan
Mountain and water view to the north of Burnaby Mountain
A wedding party taking photos
Burnaby Mountain Rose Garden
Totem pole