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I had always avoided the Capilano suspension
bridge over many trips to Vancouver, thinking it
was a tourist trap.  But when I finally went, it was a
great experience.

The bridge itself is an awesome sight.  The bridge
spans a wide river gorge with a beautiful forest on
either side.  The view below, up, and down the
gorge is great.  And walking across the bridge is
part-scary, part-fun.  On the farther side of the
bridge is an attraction I liked even better: the
Treetop Adventure.  This is a series of platforms
and bridges suspended 100 feet up in the trees,
giving you a unique perspective on the forest.  
You aren't really in the treetops.  The trees
probably rise on up to 200 feet high.  The kids
loved climbing all over the bridges, stairs, and
platforms.  They ran on way ahead of me.

Photo Album

Capilano Suspension Bridge

by Bob Kelly
Nye Beach
Capilano suspension bridge in the sunlight
View down to the river
On the bridge
Treetop Adventure